Product Range

Products suitable for all industrial and commercial applications including:

Steam, Water, Gas, Air, Oil, and Chemicals

  • Fittings

    Malleable iron, wrought iron, mild and stainless steel fittings to BS143/1256, BS1740, BS1387, and BS3799. Weld fittings to BS1640 and BS1965. Copper, brass compression, capillary, end feed and braze fittings. Plastic ABS, PVC and MDPE.

  • Flanges

    Weld, screwed and blank flanges to BS10, BS4504 and BS1560.

  • Tubing

    Steel tube to BS1287, welded and seamless pipe to API 5L and ASTM A106 grade B, stainless steel pipe in 304, 316. Plastic ABS, PVC to BS5392, MDPE and Copper.

  • Manual Valves

    Ball, ball float, butterfly, blow down, check, commissioning, diaphragm, gate, globe, knife, needle, parallel slide, regulating, reducing, safety relief.

  • Actuated Valves

    Including actuation of ball, butterfly, diaphragm, gate and globe in spring return, double acting pneumatic or electric, and also servo assisted and direct acting solenoid valves.

  • Valves and Traps for Steam

    Steam and air traps, strainers, air eliminators, separators, sight and check valves, temperature control and condense recovery.

  • Pumps

    All manufacturers and applications including circulating, boiler feed, submersible, end suction, multistage and booster sets.

  • Plumbing / Sanitary Ware

    Bathroom, showers, toilets and associated products.

  • Hose and Couplings

    PVC, nylon, suction & delivery, ducting, quick release, threaded, camaction and lever lock.

  • Jointing and Gaskets

    Cut gaskets, gasket sheets, gland packing, liquid gasket, jointing compounds, hemp, PTFE tapes, nuts, bolts and washers.

  • Hanging System and Pipe Clips

    Slotted rail, studding, beam clamps, pipe clips, brackets, fixings.

  • Boiler Spares

    Level gauges, cones, glasses, packing sleeves, spindles, ladder tape, oval joints, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, siphons, cocks, level equipment and tube cleaners.

  • Ancillaries

    Lagging, valve jackets, tools, screws, welding and brazing rods, red oxoid and gas paint, paint brushes, propane and mapp gas, pipe identification tape, valve tags and cutting oil.

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